Thank you for visiting my site and sharing in my passion for songwriting.  It is here where you can find my comprehensive collection of songs written and recorded over the last twenty years.  If you are an old friend, you can listen to the songs you already know, or possibly discover something new.  If you are new to the fold, I hope that you enjoy what you hear, in hopes you find something that speaks to you.  It feels like I have always had music in my life; singing songs is really no different than putting on a comfortable pair of shoes. There are old songs, and new songs, which all have their place in the never-ending journey.  I look at them as sort of a travelogue, with each having the power to conjure up vivid images, of people or events throughout the years.  Most of my vacations are spent in the confines of recording studios, or on sabbatical-like getaways in search of the perfect song.  I have logged many miles over the years playing everywhere and anywhere.  Whether it be clubs, dance halls, large festivals, parties, or backyard socials, it always amounts to a good time.  I will continue to update the latest news, music, and live performance updates, as the journey continues.   

New One Sheet for Upcoming European Radio Promo